Synchronize voice media to your target audiences

Dubbed by professional voiceover artists, Alpha creates high quality localized media – helping you deliver an engaging and consistent viewing experience in regional markets.

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Dubbing is an effective way to drive up audience engagement for your brand or media. At Alpha Studios, our own global network of media solutions (HQed in London), we have extensive resources for dubbing projects.
Using a range of tools and technology, alongside proprietary processes, we ensure content is dubbed to a high standard for specific target audiences. With 2000 voices in over 80 languages, Alpha can support projects with speed and scale.

Types of content and specialities

Broadcast media

Make sure that your message is clear with high-quality, tone appropriate dubbing in a range of languages, making your content more impactful.


Gamers know when something's been badly dubbed, which is why it's important to look for high-quality dubbing as part of the localization process.

Films and animations

Films and animation are global products. Good dubbing ensures clear storylines and characterization, and engages the audience.

Under the hood

We are always on the lookout for new technologies and tools that can improve output and increase options for clients. We’re now working with XL8’s cutting-edge AI tools to help optimize clients’ localization budgets and provide an alternative to more traditional dubbing techniques.

When it comes to quality, we believe that there is no substitute for human voices – especially for more specialized content. However, for projects where 100% accuracy is less important than cost and speed, AI tools such as XL8 represent a strong alternative option. It’s especially suitable for projects such as explainer videos, which tend to be shorter and more straightforward in terms of content.

Use cases

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