Authentic narrative within on-screen text

Subtitling transforms the spoken word to on-screen text and preserves the integrity and authenticity of your narrative across multiple languages and platforms.

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From movies to training videos, TV shows to ads; localizing content using subtitles will help your business reach wider audiences.
Subtitling transforms speech to on-screen text, and at Alpha’s state-of-the-art studios HQs in central London and with a global network, our audiovisual experts ensure the on-screen message is highly visible, accurate, and reflects any cultural nuance.

Types of content and specialities

Training videos

Clarity is key for instructional messages. Subtitling is an effective form of localization where viewers can follow every message clearly and concisely.


Story and dialogue is important for gamers. Subtitling ensures every message is comprehensible and conveyed in a clear manner for global audiences.


To ensure your presentations are understood by an entire audience, subtitles provide on-screen text adapted to a local language.

Under the hood

Our teams work with a range of tools and technologies across our audiovisual projects. For subtitling, we now work with XL8’s AI tools to help reduce client costs and increase speed to market. Take a look below to see the technologies we work with across our audiovisual projects.

Use cases

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