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Alpha CRC employs large teams of specialist in-house translators working with the latest CAT tools, platforms and MT technology. With a global network of offices, we provide in-country expertise for clients, ensuring the final product is accurately translated.
We create client-specific teams in-house, dedicated to the clients’ products and services. This allows our full-time linguists to develop long-term knowledge, providing efficient, quality translation.

Types of content and specialities

Software and Apps

Software and apps need to be intuitive. High quality translation removes friction from the user experience, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Help and Documentation

Clarity and precision in the translation of supporting documentation and help, ensure the optimization of User Experience.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions require thoughtful translation, keeping them both engaging and clear, as they cross cultural borders.

Under the hood

We have a range of tools and processes in place to ensure the highest translation standards for every project, starting with our professional linguists and our TEP (translation, editing and proofreading) flow.


With two sets of eyes on every translation we can effectively reduce the risk of errors slipping through the cracks.


We support our linguists with all our translation technologies to ensure consistency and accuracy across all client projects.


We also develop connectors to ensure easy handover of content from clients to our in-house teams. We use and integrate with many technologies. Take a look below.

Machine Translation

The result of over 30 years of machine translation development, Deep Neural Machine Translation (DNMT) fuses AI and machine learning to produce accurate translation across a wide range of languages and content.


Content types especially suitable for machine translation include:

– Software

– Help and documentation

– Knowledge base articles


These types of typically less creative content are most suitable for neural machine translation paired with pre- and post-editing by our language specialists.


Alpha CRC has a wealth of experience in this field, having translated eight million words in just four days.

Use cases

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