18 March 2022

Localizing bedside manner.
Medical content made accessible and comforting in multiple languages.

Localizing bedside manner.<br/> <strong>Medical content made accessible and comforting in multiple languages.</strong>

In the medical field, Alpha CRC works closely with a company which provides a medical device platform for digital health interventions. It provides patient-reported outcome monitoring and intelligent symptom tracking. This company helps cancer clinics provide optimized care through timely symptom management and improved workflow.

At the time of our initial partnership, the company was still classed as a start-up and so its app and products had never been localized before. It originally contracted Alpha CRC to translate its app and software into five European languages. The challenge was that not only did our linguists need to translate extremely sensitive and complicated medical content, this content also had to be written in a very friendly and simple user-friendly way across all languages.

In order to create informative customer-facing content, Alpha CRC’s expert linguists extensively researched the subject matter before attempting to translate all the app and product content. In some cases, it was necessary to use transcreation in order to create accurate content in a consistent, user-friendly tone. Crucially, it was important to make sure the medical information was always accessible, helpful and often comforting to non-specialist readers, including those suffering from chronic illness.

The result was that the company’s app and products were launched successfully in those five initial countries. In fact, the original start-up company has now been acquired by a larger company and we now translate its content, app and software updates into 14 languages globally.