01 March 2022

Picture Perfect.
Localizing for the broadcast industry.

Picture Perfect.<br/> <strong>Localizing for the broadcast industry.</strong>

Trusted by global brands and providers in the broadcast industry, our current clients include Amazon Prime Video, Avid Technology and Animaker.

In an industry driven by the synergy of creativity and technology, our sector-specific experience covers three core areas of localization which support the strategic goals of both our broadcast-sector clients, and clients who broadcast video/audio content. These core areas are:

  1. Localizing broadcast technology platforms
  2. Localizing broadcast content
  3. Localizing marketing content for the broadcast industry


1. Localizing broadcast technology platforms

From the early days of radio to video-on-demand, technology has always defined the broadcast industry. From content creation, to editing and delivery, the 21st-century broadcast industry is built on digital technologies often launched in English that require specialist localization to reach global markets.

Alpha combines a global linguistic reach with an extensive understanding of different broadcast industry technologies to ensure platforms and software solutions are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of local users in different regions.


Alpha’s experience in localizing broadcast technology platforms
  • Avid Technology – global leader in broadcast technology and multimedia
    • At the peak of its global expansion, Alpha delivered a strategic restructure and integration of Avid Technologies’ diverse localization platforms to create an agile, integrated global solution which improved speed (a 40% reduction in review times), quality and reduced its globalization budget by 28%.
    • Alpha’s global reach and pool of in-house native-born linguists with specialist experience in the broadcast technology sector helps support Avid’s long-term globalization strategy – developing a client relationship that continues to this day.
    • At Alpha, we use Avid’s Media Suite to record and edit audio-visual content for a wide range of clients. This in-house experience of one of Avid’s flagship products continues to add value to our localization services to our client.
  • Animaker – cloud-based DIY animation software provider
    • Localization of website and applications in five initial languages expanding to six new markets and additional content. ROI shows steep global increase in Animaker use and significant increase in lower performing markets since collaborating with Alpha.
    • Alpha’s own use of the Animaker platform for its marketing activities helps to deepen our understanding of both the technology and the Animaker brand.


2. Localizing broadcast content

In the broadcast industry, content is king. Access to global audiences relies on effective localization by providers who can combine the skills of localizing content for target markets with the multimedia expertise in audio-visual services such as subtitling, voiceovers, dubbing and synchronization.

With its in-house recording studios, team of technical experts and native-born linguists specialising in cultural adaptation, Alpha has the skills and resources to localize broadcast content across a wide range of formats, industry sectors and genres.

Alpha’s experience in localizing broadcast content sector by sector
  • Television
    • Discovery Channel – localization of television programmes on the natural world
  • Music:
    • Avid Technology – video content for its Sibelius music notation software
    • Yousician – subtitling online video tutorials with subtitles and preparation of content for voiceover
  • Fashion:
    • Burberry – videos for online and television advertising across multiple markets
  • FMCG
    • Nespresso – localization of television adverts for different market
  • Education:
    • Dorling Kindersley – localization of filmed elements of educational matter for global audiences
    • Sunflower Learning – localization of various animations, simulations and film for science tutorials


3. Localizing marketing content for the broadcast industry

The broadcast industry relies on expert localization of marketing campaigns and content to attract audiences and distributors across competitive international markets. At Alpha, we currently localize marketing materials for one of world’s leading providers on-demand digital streaming services: Amazon Prime Video.

Alpha and Amazon Prime Video
  • Ongoing localization of marketing content on the Amazon Prime Video online platform in 32 languages
  • Localization of taglines used to market the sequel to Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (the sequel to Borat) in English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German and French