17 March 2022

Strength through adversity.
How Alpha CRC helped make a supplement company a global champion.

Strength through adversity.<br/> <strong>How Alpha CRC helped make a supplement company a global champion.</strong>

A UK-based sports and supplement brand favored by bodybuilders and gym lovers was going through a total re-brand while Alpha CRC was working with them. Because of the absence of existing reference materials, Alpha CRC’s team of in-house linguists had to make their own decisions about what the brand identity would be in overseas markets.
Everything had to be done quickly due to delays at the content creation stage and an imminent deadline for a pre-Christmas launch. In order to complete the required work for this client, Alpha CRC had teams working overtime to get everything done on schedule and our linguists went the extra mile in order to achieve client satisfaction.

All of our translators and transcreators are native speakers working in country or living elsewhere, meaning they all have intimate knowledge of how specific audiences think, speak and buy. Our highly efficient project managers were able to keep everything under control and made sure all work was reviewed according to processes, ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Using market research and the insight of our dedicated subject-matter experts, we chose stylistic angles when localizing the project that would appeal to each target market. We were able to not only translate the
information needed, but we also angled it in a way that each geographic and cultural audience could relate to and engage with, naturally boosting sales by simply, and literally, speaking their language.
In the end, despite very challenging project deadlines, we were able to get all the prioritized materials localized and the launch went ahead as planned.

Alpha CRC provided a fast and effective service, even under difficult circumstances, and our client was very pleased with the project outcome.