18 March 2022

The home workout boom.
How Alpha CRC helped a fitness app reach homes worldwide.

The home workout boom.<br/> <strong>How Alpha CRC helped a fitness app reach homes worldwide.</strong>

In 2020, during the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, working out at home became the popular alternative to going to the gym. Alpha CRC’s client, a fitness subscription app that includes 100s of home workouts as well health and nutrition information, found itself in high demand.

As a result of Covid-19, more than half of the global population was locked down at certain points and was not permitted to leave home except in emergencies. Consequently, this fitness app very quickly started being
downloaded and used in multiple countries in an unprecedented surge. Responding rapidly to events, Alpha CRC was given the task of translating the company’s app, including a lot of different wellness and fitness-specific content, into multiple new languages as quickly as possible, along with internal communications and marketing streams such as emails, blogs and campaigns.

Alpha CRC provided the required translations, as well as transcreating marketing-specific content so it remained appealing to the target audience and maintained consistency of style, tone of voice and brand message across the various new regions in which the app was now available. By conducting market research, consulting our subject matter experts and drawing on our in-house linguists’ cultural understanding of their specific locales, Alpha CRC ensured consistency of tone and quality of content in every target market.

The focus on high quality localization for different markets paid off. The app was downloaded and used in more countries than originally intended in a much shorter space of time, which resulted in hundreds of thousands more subscriptions to the app for 2020/2021 and increased revenue by more than ten times the original forecasts.