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Alpha CRC has developed this new service alongside its software clients to ensure a consistently engaging and expertly localized user experience.

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Our UX quality audit follows the customer journey and examines live content to check the ease with which customers can use the piece of software in a specific language.
Our UX testers examine content through a variety of lenses, looking at:
  • Cultural appropriateness
  • Legibility
  • Clarity
  • User satisfaction
  • Accessibility

Types of content and specialities

Software and Apps

Small issues such as typos can lead to big changes in the user experience, so it's important to make sure your content is accurate and clear.

Media and Presentations

Assessing linguistic quality in all forms of media helps ensure that there is clarity of message across dubbing, subtitling, text and within graphics.

Product Descriptions

When potential purchasers view your products, it's important that descriptions are clear and easy-to-read, ensuring easier paths to purchase.

Under the hood

There are five key pillars to any UX QA process - user research, user needs, information architecture, interface and navigation design, and design elements.

By looking at each of these aspects, our testers are able to develop a holistic understanding of the software and assess its quality in a given market.

UX QA workflow

Use cases

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