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Ensure that design detail, formatting and styling of your branded communication is perfectly adapted for local markets.

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It’s important to present content clearly and effectively for all local markets. Our DTP experts have experience handling projects in over 100 languages, covering Asian, R2L and script-based work.
Alpha provides a range of DTP services including text formatting, layout and design, along with graphics localization. We work on user manuals, catalogues, presentations, infographics and marketing collateral. Our stringent QA process ensures a quality end-product.

Types of content and specialities

Help and Documentation

Our multilingual DTP experts ensure that any documentation, and help are easy to read and ready for publication.


Alpha CRC forms strong partnerships with clients, giving us a clear understanding of their products and how best to present them globally.


Multilingual packaging requires deep knowledge and experience of both the industry and the target audience, which our multicultural DTP experts provide.

Under the hood

Our DTP team are experts in both preparing documents for localization, and in implementing target text once translation is complete.

Alpha CRC has created a number of scripts and automations which we use to reduce turnaround times and client costs, ensuring the final product is ready to go into circulation quickly.

For example, the team has created a script for Japanese DTP work that enables furigana (the phonetic readings of vocabulary) to be placed automatically above text when exported from the translation environment. The team also use specialist tools that allow InDesign files to be easily converted to Microsoft Word documents upon client request.

The team is also equipped to work with a range of file types and software environments.

Use cases

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