Linguistic QA

Expert linguists ensure accuracy and relevance of language with thorough LQA

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Linguistic QA is the process that ensures all content has been accurately translated – fluently, clearly, and without mistakes.
At Alpha CRC we have a number of steps to our linguistic QA process, including the provision of style guides, liaising with the client to discuss details and data within the reporting process, and the identification of bugs. Clients can be confident knowing that their content has been put through the most thorough testing.

Types of content and specialities

Software and Apps

Quality assurance for the lingustic aspects of dialogue boxes, commands, data spaces and all strings.

Help and Documentation

Working through all documentation and help files, to assure the quality and accuracy of the content.

Sales Collateral

Carefully checking all aspects of language, tone and register, to ensure content is impactful, engaging and well-crafted.

Use cases

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