Linguistic Quality Control

Expert linguists ensure accuracy and relevance of language with thorough LQC

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Alpha CRC’s linguistic quality control (LQC) service is a process to ensure that all content has been accurately translated – that means fluently, clearly, and without mistakes.


We work closely with clients to identify the specific factors they want to focus on, then our specialist testers begin their assessment, with most LQA models based on, or derived from, the TAUS DQF-MQM error typology. We then recommend a range of fixes which would enable better engagement in each territory.
This process aims to find patterns of errors, rather than to fix individual mistakes, helping to identify where improvements can be made in the localization pipeline. Alpha CRC helps clients with LQC at various levels: as a third-party rreviewer or helping to design and implement independent LQC programs.

Types of content and specialities

Software and Apps

Quality assurance for the lingustic aspects of dialogue boxes, commands, data spaces and all strings.

Help and Documentation

Working through all documentation and help files, to assure the quality and accuracy of the content.

Sales Collateral

Carefully checking all aspects of language, tone and register, to ensure content is impactful, engaging and well-crafted.

Use cases

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