LLM fine-tuning

Preserve your voice across generated content

LLM fine-tuning ensures you reap all the rewards of our AI-enhanced services.

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While most LLMs are pre-trained to respond generically, this can result in output that feels quite removed from your brand. During LLM fine-tuning, our teams create client-specific datasets from years of translation memories in order to improve output in an entirely confidential process.
The potential applications are almost limitless, whether it’s used by our translators during our augmented translation processes, or by our copywriting teams while creating new multilingual content.

Types of content and specialities


Improve automated translation of fuzzy matches through fine-tuned AI plugins.

Content creation

Our proprietary tool, Launchpoint, uses fine-tuned LLMs to generate content that matches the client's tone of voice, reducing the time needed for copywriting from scratch.

Quality control

Given the right training, our models are able to perform embedded QA services on machine translation output.

Use cases

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