Localization QA and Testing

Ensure efficacy and quality for all localized content

Count on our specialist team to deliver an in-depth analysis of the cultural relevance and suitability of your content from source files to localized contexts.

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Localization QA is a set of testing and evaluation processes designed to make sure that a digital product, SW program or app, works functionally, and is linguistically accurate in target languages.
Alpha has over 30 years of experience in Localization QA, and has tested some of the world’s most famous programs including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP and more recently, platforms for eCommerce and digital payment.

Types of content and specialities

Software and Apps

Alpha works with its clients on test scripts, or adapts existing functional scripts, to QA digital products across multiple OS, hardware and devices.

Media and A/V

Once AV content has been created, Alpha Studios ensures that the final version is both functionally and linguistically accurate.


Quality assurance for the linguistic and functional aspects of presentations and digital training materials.

Use cases

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