Machine Translation

Scale, speed and accuracy, combined

Deploy the power of Deep Neural Machine Translation and achieve both accuracy and speed for high-volume multilingual translation projects.

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Machine Translation has made great strides over the last 30 years, resulting most recently in Deep Neural Machine Translation (DNMT), which harnesses the power of both AI and machine learning to produce accurate translation.
Alpha CRC has learned how best to use machine translation, in concert with pre- and post-editing from our language specialists, achieving a range of benefits for our clients.

Types of content and specialities


NMT models now perform well enough to make it possible to process product strings via MT with Human Post-Editing.

Help and Documentation

When translating documents requires little creative input, machine translation is a great tool, with large volumes translated in a short space of time.

Knowledge Base Articles

Ideally suited to machine translation. The output is at such high quality in certain languages that some clients feel confident enough to publish raw MT.

Use cases

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