Quality Assurance and Control

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Quality analysis at each stage of the content cycle, from pre-release through to live web pages.

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Alpha CRC’s quality assurance and control processes involve a thorough review by our linguists and testers, who meticulously compare localized materials with the original content to spot linguistic errors, cultural insensitivities, and user experience issues.
These rigorous reviews ensure our clients achieve high-quality standards and effectively engage global audiences. To streamline the localization testing process, we are dedicated to developing tools that automate repetitive tasks, such as verifying language accuracy and navigation functionality, detecting untranslated text, collecting screenshots for review, and checking forms. We look to automation to boost efficiency and minimize errors while relying on our trained linguists and regional experts for their nuanced contributions based on cultural expertise.

Types of content and specialities

Localization QA

Our teams verify that translated content works appropriately in context, with expert testers identifying issues such as truncation and lack of UI scalability.

Linguistic Quality Control

Designed to find patterns of errors, our LQC services enable you to evaluate the quality of translated output and identify where improvements can be made in the localization pipeline.

User Experience QA

Similar to LQA, UX QA identifies errors in localized content. However, this process analyses live content, following the user journey and assessing cultural appropriateness, legibility, clarity, and readability.

Ensure cultural relevance

Beyond standard linguistic quality assurance, Alpha CRC also offers clients insight into the suitability of their content for diverse markets.

We provide a set of testing and evaluation processes designed to ensure that a digital product, software program or app will be able to engage audiences in each target locale.

Under the hood

While specific processes will vary depending on clients’ needs, Alpha CRC has created a general end-to-end overview of what clients can expect from the LQA services we currently offer.

After receiving content, our experts examine the areas included in the ‘scope’ of the project. Clients usually identify specific areas as ‘in scope’, although it is also possible to ask our experts to check for ‘out of scope’ issues to ensure accuracy throughout.

Our LQA experts use a range of LQA tools (pre-decided with the client) to record any issues they might encounter. This is then delivered to the client for implementation.

LQA workflow

Use cases

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