21 March 2022

Agile. Global. Integrated. How Alpha transformed a client’s globalization platform.

Agile. Global. Integrated. How Alpha transformed a client’s globalization platform.

The background

For more than 30 years, our client has been a market leader in the software industry, developing groundbreaking technology for managing media platforms.

However, in a period of major expansion, the client needed to execute a more integrated approach to localization. As a result, it issued a globalization tender with a focus on leveraging technology and implementing clear structures and workflows on a global scale.


The challenges in localization:

Some of the most important challenges which the client wanted to address included:

  • Streamlining a system which was used across multiple vendors including agencies and freelancers working independently
  • Clearer localization priorities in terms of which products and languages to focus on and how to meet the requirements of different markets
  • Deriving more value from localization technologies through an integrated system and the consistent use of computer-aided-translation (CAT) tools such as glossaries and translation memories
  • Improving localization budget transparency to ensure best value for money.

Based on our track record and clear vision of the opportunities to deliver long-term value, Alpha was appointed for this important overhaul of the client’s globalization strategy and platform.


The solution

The first task was to develop a transparent three-phrase approach which could deliver an integrated solution to the client’s globalization activities.

Phase 1: Consultancy

During the consultancy phase, Alpha focused on conducting an in-depth analysis across all areas of the client’s global localization and translation services. This focused on:

  • Technical infrastructure (localization technologies, file formats in use, etc.)
  • Workflows and business rules (such as logs, authorizations and budget controls)
  • Expectations and requirements for globalization activities.

Based on the analysis, Alpha recommended the use of a global management system (GMS) to manage the multi-tiered workflow. Working closely with the client’s globalization team, Alpha created a clear strategy for every aspect of work including:

  • Specific reporting methods
  • A defined roll-out plan with clear timelines
  • Aligning the globalization set-up to support the client’s strategic objectives in terms of simultaneous shipping (“SimShip”), agile development and global branding.

Phase 2: Implementation

During the implementation phase, Alpha set up the client’s new GMS. Translation assets, including memories, multilingual glossaries and untranslatable lists were then created and merged into the GMS.
Following this, comprehensive workflows for various functions and divisions were established.

To promote buy-in and understanding across the client’s activities, Alpha created and delivered a series of seminars to key stakeholders across the business to explain the new approach to globalization, how it adds value and provides training on how to use it.

Phase 3: Ongoing service

Once implementation and training were completed, all of the client’s localization activities began flowing through the GMS using the appropriate tools and automated workflows.

To support these activities, Alpha provided the client with a fully dedicated, multifunctional customer team that comprised project managers, lead linguists and engineers. The client staff had direct, online access to the GMS, allowing them to place jobs and get quotes within a matter of minutes.


The outcome of the localization challenges

By implementing a company-wide globalization system, Alpha helped the client to achieve a range of key outcomes including:

  • An integrated and scalable localization system across multiple markets
  • Streamlined processes to support speed-to-market goals
  • Structured workflows and procedures to develop greater transparency and improved quality controls
  • Increased budgetary transparency and controls to promote greater value for money in localization services.

With this system in place, the client continues to extend its range of localized products in global markets and  continues working with Alpha as a localization service provider on an ongoing basis.