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Our teams deliver a native brand experience, driven by personalized content.

Since 1987, Alpha CRC has been supporting the world’s most successful enterprises in their global growth: relationships built on trust and excellence.

Founded in 1987 by Isabelle Weiss, who remains Alpha’s linguistic director, Alpha CRC has grown to become one of the world’s leading translation and localization companies. Expanding from a single site in Cambridge, UK, to a global operation with 18 offices in 15 countries, the company’s fundamental ethos has nevertheless remained the same. From the start, Alpha was built around a model that focuses on localization as a collaborative undertaking in which multidisciplinary teams of in-house specialists work together to solve problems, exchange ideas and create better client outcomes.

Alpha’s “Under One Roof” philosophy:  Our teams – At your fingertips

Alpha CRC is entirely privately owned, with shareholders all actively involved in the company’s day-to-day business. This has meant that long-term philosophies, such as the ‘under-one-roof’ in-house model, and emphasis on deep client relationships, have remained strategically prominent.

Alpha’s global footprint has grown organically and now covers the Americas, Asia, and Europe – which allows for a follow-the sun production model.

We are proud of our history, but are also looking forward to working closely with current and future clients as we continue to grow together.

Global presence

Alpha CRC is truly global, delivering a follow-the-sun model built around its own offices in key cities on every continent.

Meet our global contacts

Our people are our business, and they support Alpha’s global client base. Meet our leaders around the world: they will support and help you achieve success in every local market.

William Schwartz

Location: San Jose, USA

Role: Director Business North America

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Bio: William has over 30 years of international business management experience in software, technology, supply chain, sales, and operations. William’s expertise is in business management, development, strategic supply chain, account management, international operations and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in building, directing and leading high performance international strategic and tactical teams.
As Director of Alpha CRC’s North America business, William builds on his relationships globally to deliver the best experience for Alpha’s Clients. William has a BS in Industrial Technology and Operations Management from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. He joined Alpha CRC in 2010.

Hao Yang

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Account Manager, Alpha Consumer

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Bio: Hao works as an Account Manager for Alpha Consumer, having previously held the roles of Project Manager and Simplified Chinese Language Expert. She holds an MA in Translation Studies from Newcastle University and a BA in Translation from Zhejiang University in China. With a keen interest in the localization industry, Hao also teaches Chinese-English translation at postgraduate level in the UK and in Italy in her spare time.

David Kelemen

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Program Manager, Fintech and Finance

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Bio: David works as Program Manager for a global team of Language Experts dedicated to a major player in the fintech industry, having previously held roles of Project Manager and LQA tester. He has degrees in English, English and Hungarian language teaching as well as qualifications as a translator.

Manfred Sossna

Location: Berlin, Germany

Role: Business Development Manager

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Bio: Business Development Manager with in-depth, 23 years of experience in the documentation and localisation industry, including 10 years at Alpha CRC. Manfred is based in Germany and operates mainly within the automotive and engineering sector.

Dmitri Kanarjov

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Role: Head of Operations

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Bio: Dmitri has degrees in IT and Management. He started his career in 2004 as a Functional QA engineer and spent 8 years working in FQA services. He then spent 6 years as a Localization Project Manager, until becoming Head of QA and Engineering in our Tallinn office.

Manuela Furtado

Location: San Jose, USA

Role: Director, Localization and Globalization

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Bio: Manuela has represented ALPHA in the US for the past 15 years, promoting its profile and growing its portfolio of customers in North America and specifically in the Bay Area. She has consulted clients approaching localization for the first time and supported existing ones in growing their global investment. She started her career as a Project and Account Manager at Int’l in San Francisco and later directed the localization team at Uniscape/Trados with the first GMS workflow solutions. She is a parliamentary interpreter by training and studied Languages, Literature and Communication at the I.U.L.M. University in Milan. She speaks English, Italian and French; loves reading, foreign and independent movies, art history, beautiful cities, and… the shores!

Mette Tingey

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Director, Alpha Games

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Bio: Born in Denmark, Mette has been with Alpha for more than 20 years in various production and commercial roles. Throughout her tenure, Mette has held pivotal positions in linguistic QA, project, program, and account management, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the entire localization process. Her ability to successfully navigate complex projects and manage diverse teams has earned her a reputation for excellence within the industry.

Ken Chang

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Head of AI Development

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Bio: Ken earned an Honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Bath and has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the localization industry. During his career, he has held various roles, gaining substantial knowledge and expertise in the field. Currently at Alpha, Ken is actively involved in the development of AI-related products and services. His proficiency in Machine Learning, Large Language Models, Natural Language Processing, and Generative AI significantly contributes to the company’s initiatives in the AI sector. Beyond his technical expertise, Ken is passionate about fostering growth and opportunities for the younger generation. He believes in extending opportunities to talented individuals, helping to nurture and develop their skills to adapt in a constantly changing world.

Roberta Detassis

Location: Bologna, Italy

Role: Account and Project Manager

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Bio: Roberta holds a degree in Economics from the University of Rome. She is a former employee of Italian software houses SOGEI and Gruppo Formula. In 1999 she moved to the localization industry in the LinguaNet Group. In Alpha from 2010, Roberta’s focus is the Account and Project management of the clients’ localization needs in the Italian geo. In private life she has been a former singer of Renaissance and Baroque music, lived long time abroad and travelled to many countries. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish.

Min Lin

Location: Shanghai, China

Role: Country Manager

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Bio: Min has 10 years’ experience in the translation industry. As well as being responsible for the operation of the Shanghai office, including teams and business responsibilities, she is an expert in localization and provides professional consultation to clients or potential clients on any questions related to localization.

Charlotte Virgoe

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Director, Alpha Consumer

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Bio: Having started her career in localisation on the client side with several multinational companies, Charlotte has now been with Alpha for 15 years. She previously held the roles of Head of Project Management and Account Director and now leads Alpha’s Consumer division, a discrete and growing part of the business.

Dan Martindale

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Business Development Manager, Alpha Games

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Bio: Dan Martindale works as a Business Development Manager for Alpha Games. He is responsible for developing and building strategic relationships and partnerships with publishers and developers around the world. Dan has been at Alpha for 2 years having previously been a QA Manager and Game Developer & Designer for over 8 years.

Darren Hughes

Location: Cambridge, UK

Role: Director, Alpha Graduate programme

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Bio: Darren joined Alpha in 2003 in business development and was instrumental in on-boarding a number of Alpha’s key clients. In more recent years he has played an active role in the restructuring of the organization across a number of departments to meet the demand generated by Alpha’s growth. This includes Operations, HR, Finance and Vendor Management. Currently his role is running the Alpha Graduate programme, as well as supporting Alpha’s Management team in identifying new sales opportunities and HR-related issues.

Renaud Spilmont

Location: Montpellier, France

Role: Country Manager and Sales Consultant

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Bio: Renaud holds a degree from the Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT) of Paris and brings more than 25 years in the translation industry as translator and proofreader from German and English into French.
He is our specialist in Automotive and translates technical content for a major player of the industry on a daily basis.
Renaud has held different positions for several LSPs such as Quality Manager, Language Program Manager and has been managing local translation offices for years. At present, manages our French office in Montpellier.
Renaud is an amateur wildlife photographer, loves travelling, sports and good food.

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